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Ming Tsuang Lifetime Achievement Award
The Ming Tsuang Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a scientist who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of the field of psychiatric genetics.

Theodore Reich Young Investigator Award

The Theodore Reich Young Investigator Award is given for published work on psychiatric genetics that is of exceptional merit. Candidates must be 40 years or younger in 2014 for consideration and need not be members of the Society. The award is available annually, but will not be made in the absence of any work of sufficient merit.

Richard Todd Award
The Richard Todd award is given each year by the ISPG to a researcher for an outstanding contribution to the genetics of child psychiatry. Richard Todd (1952-2008) was an internationally known expert on the influences of genetics and environment on psychiatric illness in children. The recipient is selected by the Awards Committee, based on abstracts accepted for oral presentation at the World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics.

Gershon Paper of the Year Award
The International Society of Psychiatric Genetics (ISPG) presents the Gershon Paper of the Year Award to a recipient who has been published in the past year (June, 2014 to present) in the psychiatric genetics field. The submitter and first author must be a member of the ISPG. The recipient of the award will receive a plaque during the 2015 Annual Congress in Toronto, Canada.

Previous Awards

Previous Lifetime Achievement Award Winners
JOhn Nurnberger and Lifetime Achievment award1993: Seymour S. Kety and George Winokur
1995: Ming T. Tsuang
1997: Irving I. Gottesman
1999: Theodore Reich
2001: Michael Conneally
2002: Jules Angst and Nikki Erlenmeyer-Kimling
2003: C. Robert Cloninger
2004: Peter Propping
2005: NONE
2006: Elliot S. Gershon
2007: Peter McGuffin
2008: Jurg Ott.
2010: Susan E. Folstein
2011: Kenneth Kendler
2012: Raymond Crowe
2013: John Nurnberger
2014: Margaret Pericak-Vance


Previous Theodore Reich Award WinnersStefan Ripke receives Reich award 2
2004: Carol Prescott
2005: Laura Almasy and Nigel Williams
2006: Thomas G. Schulze
2007: Alexander B. Niculescu III
2008: Shaun Purcell
2009: Jonathan Sebat
2010: Elisabeth B. Binder
2011: David Glahn
2012: Danielle Dick
2013: Stephan Ripke
2014: Benjamin Neale

Previous Richard Todd Award WinnersJimmy Potash and Prize
2009: Jonathan Sebat
2010: Joseph D. Buxbaum
2011: Danielle Dick
2012: Anke Hinney
2013: Geert Poelmans
2014: Nadine Provencal


Previous Elliot Gershon Paper of the Year Award Winners
2014: Thomas W. Muhleisen