Misson & Goals

Mission Statement

The International Society of Psychiatric Genetics is the primary worldwide organization dedicated to:

  1. Facilitating research in the genetics of psychiatric disorders (including substance use disorders) and allied traits.
  2. Promoting education in psychiatric genetics, both for the scientific community and for the lay public.
  3. Guiding early career researchers interested in the field of psychiatric genetics.
  4. Encouraging communication and collaboration between researchers in this area.
  5. Striving for the highest scientific and ethical standards in research and clinical practice.
  6. Paving the way to alleviate suffering due to psychiatric disorders.

Vision Statement

To be perceived as the premier, inclusive psychiatric genetics society that promotes the rigorous, empirical biomedical model of psychiatric disorders.  ISPG will have members and content in its meetings from all areas of psychiatric genetics, which are considered to include:

  1. Brain Biology
  2. Behavioral Sciences
  3. Statistical Analysis
  4. Developmental Biology
  5. Comorbidity
  6. Psychiatric Phenotyping
  7. Genetics of Common Diseases
  8. Clinical Biomarkers
  9. Biobankings/Data Bankings
  10. Ethical, Legal, Social Issues
  11. New Genomics Technologies
  12. Bioinformatics
  13. Animal Models of Psychiatric Disorders
  14. New Therapeutics

ISPG Goals

  1. Advance the science of psychiatric genetics.
  2. Increase the attendance at the WCPG.
  3. Increase the number of members in ISPG.
  4. Maintain a strong financial position for ISPG.