Member Spotlight

Welcome to the ISPG Member Spotlight page, a special section of our website dedicated to recognizing outstanding individuals within our community. This is where we shine a light on those who inspire us, contribute significantly, and make a positive impact in ISPG.

What is Member Spotlight?

Member Spotlight is a platform designed to honor the achievements and contributions of our exceptional members. It's a celebration of excellence, showcasing individuals who embody our values and ideals. The Member Spotlight is featured in the ISPG Newsletter.

How Does It Work?

Each quarter, we invite nominations from our members. Anyone can nominate a fellow member whom they believe deserves recognition for their outstanding work, dedication, or achievements. The Member Spotlight is then featured in the ISPG Newsletter.


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Nominate Someone

To nominate someone for the Member Spotlight, simply fill out our nomination form. Tell us why you think this person deserves to be in the spotlight. Whether it's their innovative ideas, leadership qualities, or contributions to the community, we want to hear about it!

Being featured in our Member Spotlight comes with several benefits:

  • Recognition: Your hard work and achievements will be recognized and celebrated by our entire community.

  • Visibility: Gain visibility and exposure within our network, showcasing your expertise and contributions.

  • Inspiration: Inspire others with your story and accomplishments, motivating them to reach new heights.

Member Spotlight Showcase



Dr. Kaarina Kowalec



Dr. Lea Davis


Dr. Brett Trost


Dr. Nick Martin


Dr. Dorret Boomsma



Dr. Varun Warrier