Under a bilateral partnership between NIH and the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), the 2015 Post-doctoral Researcher Fellowship call for applications is now opened. This is the third year of the Fellowship. The Korean Visiting Scientist Training Award (KVSTA) Fellowship provides a two-year stipend to Korean post-doctoral researchers who currently are undertaking or will undertake post-doctoral research at an NIH intramural lab. Research training fields include all fields related to biomedical and behavioral research at NIH. Applicants must meet all the following criteria: 1) Be a Korean citizen or permanent resident of Korea; 2) Received at least one degree at a Korea University; 3) Obtained a doctoral degree, equivalent to a Ph.D., within the previous five years as of December 1, 2015; and 4) Meet the eligibility requirements for NIH's Intramural Visiting Fellow Program*. Applications are submitted directly to KHIDI and reviewed by a scientific panel composed of senior Korean scientists. Up to eight (8) Fellowships but possibly fewer depending on application quality and funding availability will be awarded by KHIDI. As part of the application package, the applicant must submit a recommendation letter from the applicant's sponsoring NIH lab host/mentor**. Application deadline is JUNE 17, 2015.

*KVSTA Fellows are to be designated as Supplemental VF and adhere to its requirements (http://oma.od.nih.gov/manualchapters/person/2300-320-3/). NIH policies on postdoctoral fellowship duration (https://oir.nih.gov/sourcebook/personnel/recruitment-processes-policies-checklists/5-year-8-year-duration-rule) and notification of termination must be followed (https://oir.nih.gov/sourcebook/personnel/recruitment-processes-policies-checklists/guidelines-early-termination-awards-postdoctoral-fellows ).

Applicants must also be eligible to enter the United States under the J-1 Exchange Visitor visa classification. Information about United States entry requirements will be provided to those applicants selected for the Fellowship.

**NIH host/mentor must be an intramural NIH PI whose appointment was approved by the Deputy Director for Intramural Research.

For further information about the 2015 KVSTA Fellowship, please visit: http://www.fic.nih.gov/Programs/Pages/korea-visiting-scientists.aspx.

Direct Inquiries to:

Tina Chung, MPH, Program Officer

Fogarty international Center

Phone: (301) 496-4784

Email: Tina.Chung@nih.gov<mailto:Tina.Chung@nih.gov