2023 Early Career

Investigator Program

Award Recipients

2023 Early Career Investigator Program Award Recipients


Clara Albiñana | Exploring the Genetic Association Between Multi-Omic Traits and Psychiatric Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment Response 

Cibele Edom Bandeira | Clinical, Genetic and Neuroimaging Aspects of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Courses Through Midlife 

Tsaone Chalumbila | Investigating Transgenerational Effects of Maternal Psychological Distress Through Infant Gene Expression Profiles in a South African Birth Cohort Study 

Kai-Yuan Cheng | Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury on Risk for Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder: A Dual Case-Control Study 

Ábel Fóthi | Unveiling Cellular Associations in Brain-Metabolic Disorder Comorbidity: Insights From a Multiomics Approach 

Vera Karlbauer | Targeted Bisulfite Sequencing Reveals Drivers of FKBP5 Methylation in Maltreated and Non-Maltreated Children 

Maria Koromina | Statistical and Functional Fine-Mapping as a Powerful Tool to Unravel the Genetic Etiology of Bipolar Disorder 

Soowhee Kim | Whole Genome Sequencing Analysis Identifies Phenotypic Patterns and Genetic Architecture Underlying Female Protective Effect in Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Susan Kuo | Characterizing Associations Between Disruptive De Novo Rare Variant Burdens and Phenotypic Combinations in Over 3,000 Autistic Children: Towards Building a Public Clinical Genetic Resource 

Severine Lannoy | The Roles of Aggregate Genetic Liability and Early Adversity in Risk for Suicidal Thought and Behavior 

Wenqianglong Li | Polygenic Risks for Alcohol Consumption, Alcohol Use Disorder, and Brain Volumes in Low Risk Drinking Individuals From UK  Biobank 

Zheng-An Lu | Shared Genetic Architecture Between Schizophrenia and Anorexia Nervosa: A Cross-Trait Genome-Wide Analysis 

Patricia Maidana Miguel | Identifying Susceptible Individuals to the Effects of Early Life Adversity Through Genome-Wide Environment Interaction Studies (GWEIS): From Early Impairments in Executive Function to Psychiatric and Metabolic Diseases 

Travis Mallard | Limited Evidence for a General Dimension of Impulsivity Across Molecular Genetic, Transcriptomic, and Neurogenomic Levels of Analysis 

Alex Miller | A Genome-Wide Association Study of Using Substances to Cope With Depression and Anxiety in the UK Biobank and Polygenic Associations With Alcohol Use Disorder Severity 

Salahudeen Mirza | Steps Toward a Combined Clinical-Epigenetic Predictor of Suicide Attempt Risk in Bipolar Disorder: Preliminary Insights From Cross-Sectional and Retrospective Assessments 

Lihle Moyakhe | Gestational Epigenetic Age Deviation and Child Developmental and Mental Health Outcomes in a South African Birth Cohort Study 

Hannah Park | Variants of FOXN3 and GDNF are Shared Genetic Risk Factors of Substance Use and Addictive Behaviors in Healthy Young Adults 

Signe Penner-Goeke | High Throughout Screening of Glucocorticoid-Induced Enhancer Activity Reveals Molecular Mechanisms of Gene by Stress Interactions in Psychiatric Disease 

Baiyu Qi | Shared Genetic Loci Underlying Smoking Consumption, Alcohol Use, and Body Mass Index: Evidence From Large Multi-Ethnic Genome-Wide Association Studies 

Carina Seah | Stress in a Dish: Modeling the Impact of Common Genetic Variation on Stress Response in Hipsc-Derived Neurons in PTSD 

Sylvanus Toikumo | The Genetic Architecture of Pain Intensity in the Million Veteran Program 

Rada Veeneman | The Role of Sex Hormones in the Aetiology of Severe Mental Illness 

Eric Vornholt | Contextualizing Postmortem Bias for Single-Nuclei Transcriptomic Studies of Human Brain 

Chris Wai Hang Lo | Dissecting the Genetic Overlap Between Antidepressant Response and Comorbidities: A Polygenic Scoring Analysis 

Xue Xin Goh | Significant Telomere Shortening in Malaysian Patients With Schizophrenia: Relationship With Total Antioxidant Capacity and Other Covariates 

Jing Zhang | Investigating the Polygenic Architecture of Autism With and Without Intellectual Disability 

2023 Early Career Investigator Program - Poster Presentation Finalists

Sarah Benstock | Analysis of Copy Number Variants (CNVs) in a Brazilian High-Risk Cohort for Psychiatric Disorders 

Renata Cupertino | Metabolic Effect of CYP2C19 and CYP2D6 on Antidepressant Response: A Meta-Analysis of 13 Depression Pharmacogenetic Studies 

Marc Kealhofer | Dissecting the Relationship Between Major Depressive Disorder and Cognition Using Genetics 

Danyang Li | Metabolic Effect of CYP2C19 and CYP2D6 on Antidepressant Response: A Meta-Analysis of 13 Depression Pharmacogenetic Studies 

Cassie Overstreet | Using Genetically Informed Cognitive Dimensions to Explore Phenotypic Heterogeneity in Schizophrenia 

Karanvir Singh | Genetic Risk for Anorexia Nervosa and Association With General Dimensions of Psychopathology in Childhood 

Tim Van der Es | Genome-Wide Association Study of Delay Discounting in 134,935 23AndMe Participants