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Neuropsychiatric Genetics, Part B of the American Journal of Medical Genetics (AJMG), provides a forum for experimental and clinical investigations of the genetic, epigenetic and protein signaling mechanisms underlying neurologic and psychiatric disorders. It is a resource for novel genetics studies of the heritable nature of psychiatric and other nervous system disorders, characterized at the molecular, cellular or behavioral levels. Neuropsychiatric Genetics publishes eight times per year.

What’s new in Neuropsychiatric Genetics?

New Special Issue edited by: Philip Asherson and Henrik Larsson

Family, Twin and Adoption Studies of Childhood Onset Psychiatric and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Highlights from the July 2017 Issue

Imaging genetics in neurodevelopmental psychopathology

Genetic and environmental contributions to the association between ADHD and affective problems in early childhood – A Swedish population-based twin study

Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies a novel susceptibility signal at CACNA2D3 for nicotine dependence

New Special Issues:

Genetics and Genomics of Anxiety Disorders and Related Traits, edited by Jordan Smoller, MD, ScD.,

Genetic Factors in Neurodegenerative Diseases, edited by Debby W. Tsuang MD, MSC, Thomas D. Bird MD,

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Psychiatric Genetics: publishes papers which bring together clinical observations, psychological and behavioural abnormalities and genetic data. The journal is also a forum for reporting new approaches to genetic research in psychiatry and neurology utilizing novel techniques or methodologies. Psychiatric Genetics publishes original Research Reports dealing with inherited factors involved in psychiatric and neurological disorders. This encompasses gene localization and chromosome markers, changes in neuronal gene expression related to psychiatric disease, linkage genetics analyses, family, twin and adoption studies, and genetically based animal models of neuropsychiatric disease. The journal covers areas such as molecular neurobiology and molecular genetics relevant to mental illness.

Psychiatric Genetics also publishes Book Reviews, Brief Reports and Conference Reports.
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